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kids songs

My sense of humor today was influensed by song song parodies that i sang as a child. Wether I relied it or not, much of it was satirical. Satire is my most favorite form of comedy. Unfourdunatly, sometimes I would learn the words of the variation before the actual lyrics. When I was in second or third grade, during a christmas vespers servise, the church started to sing Joy to the World. I was very excited because I knew the song, I sang Jubilatly through the first verse, but then there was asecond verse that I had never heard before, I did however know another verse which went something likeJoy to the worldMy teacher's DeadWe barbequed her heaadWe disembowed her bodyAnd flushed it down the pottyAnd round and round it goesAnd round and round it goesAnd round and round and round it goesMy mother had a diffret opinion about how the song went and as a result we had a little chat about when it was aproprae to sing certain songs, and which songs there was never an approprate time to sing. Another song in which was never an approprate time to sing was a version we three kings that made more sense tan the actual one. When I was in elementary school orient are sounded like one word, and I had no idea where Orientar was or which star the Yonder star was, basicly the whole song was jumbled words until my third grade class was sitting at the cafateria lunch tables, waiting for lunch and I heard an uproar of laughter at the bench across from me, and being a nosey third graded, as third graders are know to be, I absolutly had to know what they were laughing at. A little third grade boy had sung for his group of admirers the absluly most creaive, humrus thing that we hat ever heard in our entire lives or at least in the past five minutes, he sang for us a very soulful rendition of the once jibberish song about the kings from Orientare to a song where the kings smoked a loaded rubber cigar that exploded, who christmas could be so muchfun? Little did...

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