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Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder had a very unique style of art. He is most famous for his mobile sculptures but is also known for his paintings, line drawings, toys, jewelry, wood carvings, bronze sculptures, abstract constructions of varied media, and tapestries. One of his most famous sculptures was the ?Calder Circus?, which was a tiny imitation of a real circus. He made the figures for the circus from wire, cork, wood, cloth and other materials. The circus was an actual working display, or mobile, which brought many children and fans to view it. To make the figures, he used continuous lengths of wire blended together. After completing this amazing art work, he started working on more wire projects or portraits and on to even bigger sculptures consisting of arching lines and abstract shapes.Another famous work by Calder was the Snake on Arch, also considered one of his most successful works using bronze castings. This was an interesting piece to look at too. Calder uses a snake and balances it on a tripodal arch, or stabile, which is stationary. Calder has a unique ability to make objects move with his stabile and mobile so they look like they are in motion. My favorite mobile sculpture was the ?Calder Circus? though. I would have never thought of that idea in a million years. He was a very talented artist.Works Cited:

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