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Ralph Hurst

You can tell that Ralph Hurst makes his sculptures with heart and desire. He has so much compassion for what he is doing. He loves to sculpt animals, people in action mixed together and women in the nude. Even though Ralph Hurst had a lot of different types of sculptures it seemed to me as if animals were his strong point. The three sculptures that really touched me the most were the Dolphins, Bald Eagle and the Panther.Unlike Yvonne Tucker, Ralph Hurst sculptures are from present times. One of my favorite marble sculptures of his is the dolphin. The dolphin sculpture is alabaster and he created it in 1989. The Three dolphins are swimming two on top and the other one is jumping over the other two. The colors of the dolphins consist of gray and light brown. It is definitely one of his best sculptures.Another unique sculpture of his is the Bald Eagle, which is also alabaster that was sculpted in 1986. The eagle sculpture is also marble the colors go form light to dark from bottom to top. The head is carved from the marble. The sculpture is in such great detail.The last peace of work that I looked at was his Panther. The portrait consists of relief and synthetic bronze. The background of the portrait is the jungle. The color of the jungle is green. The panther is a synthetic bronze it has a great 3-D look to it.I really enjoyed going to the art museum. After going to last weeks gallery and this week’s gallery I can now say that I understand art in a totally different way. Yvonne Tucker has show me artwork from the past and Ralph has showed me sculptures from the present. I have the best of both worlds. ...

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