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Roman Sarcophagus

Formal Analysis: Roman Sarcophagus There have been countless duels between two opposing sides in the history Roman artistry. This sculpture relief signifies the classic battle of good versus evil. Time and time again, benevolent heroes find themselves in a struggle to combat worthy yet malicious adversaries. The Roman sarcophagus, a two by five feet marble coffin, is certainly no exception. It represents another division to this timeless good-evil epic, its visual characteristics, emphasis on contrasts, and its extensive array of details give it an identity that is uniquely its own. It portrays a sense of legendary fantasy to the viewer, one pertaining to hostility, violence, and pure anger. The sculpture seems overly shallow due to the fact that the same mythical figures are repeated within the story setting, but with a little insight one can try and describe its true meaning. Every object, every expression, and everything that exists within this work are there for a reason. The Sarcophagus is in relatively good condition even though some parts of it seem a little worn possibly due to the passage of time. Some of the worn areas include portions of the centaurs’ faces as well as specific areas of the background. Several corners appear to be chipped off and missing. Given its small size in terms of coffins suggests that this had been intended for a child. In addition, some portions of the sculpture contain tiny drainage holes, as this funeral item was later used as a fountain and also a flower box. The color of the sculpture represents a mottled diversity of color tones, from light bronze to skin color. Some of the colors seem out of place. The variation in color may be a result of the author emphasizing certain areas of the sculpture. Most notably, the artist selects to present the sculpture in three-dimensions, using this technique to accentuate and magnify the combatants and their physical attributes. Certain parts of these d...

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