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the house on mango street

“The House on Mango Street” by Sandra Cisneros “Migrants”, people would call the family in the story “The House on Mango Street.” Sandra Cisneros may be giving the readers a view into her childhood experiences. Moving from house to house. Never really getting used to one specific place. The speaker in the story seems very depressed. She shows that by comparing each house they move into. She talks about what was wrong with the house and how it was not like the one mom and dad say they would soon have. She shows her feelings by the words she uses to express herself. Cisneros does a great job in bring the speaker to life.Describing the Mango Street house and the other houses in the story shows what kind of economic state they are in. Cisneros does not even mention the families position. But by the use of descriptive words about the house, the reader can imagine the small Mango Street house, and how small and poor the family must have felt. The speaker seems to be very strong and used to moving from place to place. She knows that she will not have a real house to live in for a while. The ending of the story is the type that a reader will have to use their imaginations. Cisneros does a great job in making the reader want to find out what happens to the family. And hopefully they finally bought the house that they always wanted....

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