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Importance of Organizational Behavior

The environment of business is ever changing. Because of this fact, the role of the manager has become increasingly more important. With recent increase in workload and responsibilities, managers have found that their importance in a working environment has also increased. In order to help managers and supervisors learn more about the complexity of the new workforce many different areas of study have been developed. One area of study that has increased in importance over the years is the study of organizational behavior. In order to understand the importance of organizational behavior, we must first define exactly what organizational behavior is and what it covers. Organizational behavior is the study of attitudes and behavior of individuals and groups in organizations (Johns 6). Organizational behavior tries to examine different types of workers in all types of different situations. Organizational behavior aims to help managers and supervisors in many ways. It plays a role in all facets of an organization. Finance, marketing, and production are just departments within an organization. It studies the human behavior within the organization and the relationship between human behavior and the organization. Importance There are many reasons for the importance of organizational behavior in an organization. First, most people are born and educated in organizations, acquire most of the material possessions from organizations, and die as members of organizations. In addition, we can be consumers, employees, or investors in an organization. Second, the study of organizational behavior can greatly clarify the factors that affect how managers manage. Third, the value of organizational behavior is that it isolates important aspects of the manager’s job and offers specific perspectives on the human side of management. Finally, an understanding of organizational behavior can play a vital role in managerial work. Many future ...

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