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ANALYSIS OF A CAREER IN INVESTMENT BANKING What is Investment Banking Dictionary defines investment as the money that people or organizations have put into a company, business, or bank in order to get a profit, or to make a business activity successful (Longman). An investment banker is someone whose job is to make investments as successful and as profitable as possible. It is investment bankers job to use the knowledge of the market and economy in advising his/her clients on a variety of financial matters.Who is an investment BankerInvestment bankers perform a wide range of finance-oriented functions. They control the issuance of stock and oversee its sale to the public. They analyze the probability of success of a single stock, or a whole area of public companies. They also recommend and execute merger strategies, as well as the buy and sell bonds. Because of such a wide range of tasks, investment bankers should not limit their education to a single major of study.Education of an Investment BankerTo get the most money and the most satisfaction out of a career in investment banking, a person should try to graduate from the most prominent university. Various schools offer excellence in various areas of study. A university can have the best finance division in the world, yet its accounting or economics department may not even make it to the top fifty rankings.Choosing the right university is very important since most students have preferences not only in terms of academic reputation, but also with regard to location, price, diversity, admission standards, and many other factors. To be an investment banker a student does not have to select one specific major of study or graduate from a specific university. He or she can pursue a career in this field with a degree in accounting, actuarial science, agricultural economics, business communication, economics, finance, history, industrial management, international business, logistics...

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