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A Modern Heroine

In todays society, women have overcome many hardships to become able to vote, able to run for public office, and even able to hold high business positions. Some people believe that such accomplishments are because of literary examples that have, over the years, lead women to believe in themselves, motivate them-selves, and stand up for themselves. In Aeschylus infamous Greek tragedy, The Oresteia, Clytaemestra, the leading woman, overcomes the Greek societys slighting attitude towards women, grasping the most powerful position attain-able in Argos. Even after gaining power, Clytaemestra clutches this leadership desperately, unrelenting in her hopes to keep it forever. Although Clytaemestra uses intellect, inner strength, and self-motivation to capture power, she does it evasively and by hurting others. Therefore, Clytaemestra is not a respectable woman role model.In Agamemnon, the first book of The Oresteia, Agamemnon, Clytaemestras husband and the King of Argos, returns from ten years of fighting the Trojan War to find treachery reigns in Argos. Clytaemestra greets Agamemnon with a facade of exuberant tidings, claiming a love [she] has for her husband, while secretly she plans his murder (Oresteia 1.857). As the queen, she has a beautiful and expensive crimson carpet brought out to welcome her soon dead husband. Rolling out the carpet, she asks Agamemnon step from your chariot [and] let not your foot/...touch the earth (Oresteia 1.906-907). The wise warrior, knowing it would be wrong for a mere mortal to walk on such a Murray 2 priceless tapestry, argues with his vengeful wife, but is eventually convinced to walk where Justice leads him (Oresteia 1.911). As he walks on the carpet, ruining it, he asks that no gods hatred strike [him] from afar for acting higher than mortals should (Oresteia 1.947). His hope is in vain, because shortly after entering the house, Clytaemestra catches of the war hero at his weakest momentin the bath. ...

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