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A Reality of Presence

In The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison shows that anger is healthy and that it is not something to be feared; those who are not able to get angry are the ones who She criticizes Cholly, Polly, Claudia, Soaphead Church, theMobile Girls, and Pecola because these blacks in her story wrongly place theiranger on themselves, their own race, their family, or even God, instead ofbeing angry at those they should have been angry at: whites. Pecola Breedlovesuffered the most because she was the result of having others' anger dumpedon her, and she herself was unable to get angry. When Geraldine yells at her toget out of her house, Pecola's eyes were fixed on the "pretty" lady and her"pretty" house. Pecola does not stand up to Maureen Peal when she made funof her for seeing her dad naked but instead lets Freida and Claudia fight forher. Instead of getting mad at Mr. Yacobowski for looking down on her, shedirected her anger toward the dandelions she once thought were beautiful.However, "the anger will not hold"(50), and the feelings soon gave way toshame. Pecola was the sad product of having others' anger placed on her: "Allof our waste we dumped on her and she absorbed. And all of our beauty,which was hers first and which she gave to us"(205). They felt beautiful next toher ugliness, wholesome next to her uncleanness, her poverty made themgenerous, her weakness made them strong, and her pain made them happier.When Pecola's father, Cholly Breedlove, was caught as a teenager in a fieldwith Darlene by two white men, "never did he once consider directing hishatred toward the hunters"(150), rather her directed his hatred towards the girlbecause hating the white men would "consume" him. He was powerlessagainst the white men and was unable to protect Darlene from them as well.This caused his to hate her for being in the situation with him and for realizinghow powerless her really was. Also, Cholly felt that any misery his daughtersuffered ...

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