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A Rose for Emily Setting Analysis

In "A Rose for Emily", a woman (for whom the story is named) confines herself in her somewhat large house in a small town during the early half of the twentieth century. For the most part, in order to understand the entirety of the story, it is vital to understand the setting and how each character develops it, and,or, interacts with it.As far as the town is concerned, it is very isolated and the people seem to value this quality, as well as the lack of progression in social change, most. There is also a great deal of gossip that regularly circulates about the town's people with great interest. All this was best implied in the comment, "At first we were glad that Miss Emily would have an interest, because the ladies all said 'Of course a Grierson would not think seriously of a Northerner, a day laborer.' But there were still others, older people, who said that even grief could not cause a real lady to forget noblesse oblige -- without calling it noblesse oblige"(719). This is a comment on Emily's relationship with construction worker, Homer Barron. In regards their being a pride in the lack of social change, there is still a deep disdain for those who would dare inter-date between the social castes. Of course, the bold commentary on Emily's, or anyone's, personal life definitely implies that gossip is a daily activity for the people about town.Emily's house is where Emily spent most of her life in isolation after the death of her father. Externally, it is considered to be "an eyesore among eyesores"(716) It is amongst cotton gins and that were put up after homes that previously resided on the street had since been moved out. Her house is basically the picture of decay amongst the newer buildings. This could possibly signify Emily's position in the town, or the town's position in the rest of the world. On one hand, the town is small and isolated, but on the other hand, Emily has isolated herself entirely from the rest of the town and...

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