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A skate lesson

Have you ever sat down in the park during the summer? Chances are you will see little children, teenagers and adults in-line skating. If you have no experience in-line skating, you may think to your self "I wish I could do that!" Well, don't just wish, do! After reading Alfie's "A Skate Lesson" anybody may enjoy in-line skating.Safety is the most important consideration when learning how to skate. Safe skating is enjoyable skating. Beginning skaters should purchase proper padding, as the risk of injury is quite high. Investing in quality padding will ensure that your first experience will focus on skating, not pain. Proper padding equipment includes: helmet, wrist guards, kneepads, and elbow pads. Quality padding cost about 15-30 dollars per pad, so budget 60-120 dollars for the whole package. It is very important that you slip on your padding before you strap on the skates. Kneepads and elbow pads have elastic bands that hug closely against your body. Since these pads need to be slipped on, they can't be put on after your skates.Now it is time to choose a pair of skates. Even though you are a beginner, it is important to purchase a quality pair because poor quality skates do not offer a great deal of comfort and flexibility. I recommend skates by Rollerblade or Roces. Rollerblade has good skates for beginners because the boot has a flexible ankle. Also, it is equipped with a special easy to use braking system called the ATB brake. The ATB brake works when you are in motion and want to stop. To stop, simply straighten your knee and leg to become perpendicular to the ground and the brake will come in contact with the ground. To put on the skate: make sure that the tongue is inside the boot, wear long socks plus don't forget to put the pads on first.Learning how to skate can be a wonderful experience if it is done with a friend. The benefit of skating with friends will make the experience more interesting and exciting. If you or your f...

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