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A street Car Named Desire

Blanches Magic gone Sour Blanche is a woman who desires a new life. She is an outcast to society and turns to her sister Stella for help. She needs a way out from her discouraging life. This is why she comes to New Orleans. She feels a new opportunity is around the corner and maybe even a new life. Blanche has no place left to turn and her past catches up to her.Blanche is a very confused woman. She doesnt even know herself what she really wants. From the point her husband pulled the trigger Blanche has felt nothing but despair and desire. She turned to anything that made her feel better and unfortunately it was prostitution. She lost her and Stellas house and acts like it wasnt her fault. She arrives at New Orleans looking for a new life and someone to complain and wine to, this being her sister. She has no place left to go but Stellas house this is her only opportunity to start over.When Blanche arrives everything starts off pretty smoothly. She doesnt have a big problem with Stanley yet and her sister is happy to see her. Its only until her past starts to be told is when the trouble begins. Stanley gets very upset at Blanche for losing the house and thinks that she is cheating Stella. This of coarse makes Stanley hate Blanche and he is now determined to undermine her and then make her leave. He knows she is not up to any good and this is proven when she becomes involved with Mitch. When Blanche and Mitch meet sparks fly and we as the reader think this is the start to a good relationship, something that both these characters need. Blanche really likes Mitch and she things this could be a way out from her past for good. This is the magic she wants in her life. But, Blanche tells it how she wants it to be and starts lying to Mitch to keep him around. She lives for how things ought to be, not how they are. She prefers magic and shadows to facing facts in bright light. This is what gets her into trouble and how her past once and for all...

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