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Many argue that throughout Aenied, Virgil develops Aeneas to be a boring and unheroic character; always acting as he should with apparently no power to act in any other way. Occasionally sidetracked, Aeneas is prodded and redirected by the gods toward his destiny. Aeneas mother, Venus, constantly interjects to lead Aeneas toward his fate. It is she who leads him away from the fallen city of Troy I had twice-ten ships, and my goddess-mother showed me the way.(I, 541-542) Mercury also sets Aeneas straight from his deviating course by telling him to leave his love Dido What are you pondering or hoping for while squandering your ease in Libyan lands. (IV, 362-363) Mercury criticizes Aeneas for ignoring the importance of his empire, and again Aeneas obeys. It is further argued that Aeneas makes no significant effort to advance his empires fate. He is handed all that is needed such as immortal vessels as well as weapons and armor provided by Vulcan and other gods. At first glance this would seemingly prove that Aeneas is in fact a boring character. Upon deeper investigation of the text the true value of Aeneas character can be revealed. Not all of what Aeneas does is driven by the gods. There is in fact a humanistic aspect of Aeneas creating physical and emotional strife which he must endure by himself I sing of arms and of a man: his fate had made him fugitive. Virgil is quick to show that Aeneas is but a mortal man with human qualities. It is these human aspects of Aeneas: his leadership, his emotional strengths, and his heroism that make him a crucial and interesting character in the Aeneid.Leadership is one of the first humanistic qualities that Aeneas is given to create a sense of realism and excitement within his character. Leadership often arises in times of total anarchy and chaos, as was the case in the Aeneid when Trojan forces siege Troy. In the confusion of war, Aeneas naturally rises to a role of leadership. Aenea...

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