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Alice in Wonderland2

In Alices Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll tells an entertaining story about a young girls adventures in a strange Wonderland. This novel represents a typical girls struggle to break away from adult control and receive a desired freedom from their absurd society. Although the novel was written during the Victorian age and many of the events of thestory are based on Victorian society, children today also feel the suffocation of adultcontrol and a society without morals. Carroll uses symbolism and various scenes throughout the novel to show the reader thefreedom that Alice strives to achieve as well as how she tries to break away from thedomination and conformity. The first scene in which Alices struggle to break away from adult control andVictorian Englands society is in Chapter 1. After falling into the rabbit hole, Alice finds herself lost in a corridor with many lockeddoors. The doors being locked represents Alice being controlled by society. The reader can see Alices struggle to break away from this control when, finding a key,she searches right away for the door that it fits in. She finds that it fits a very small door and when she unlocks it, Alice first sees thegarden. She believes it to be the loveliest garden you ever saw and longed to get out of thedark hall, and wander about among those bright flowers and those cool fountains... Alices strong desire to enter the garden is clearly evident. After trying everything she can think of to get into the garden, Alice finally realizes thatshe is not yet able to enter it and breaks down in tears. Not being able to get into the lovely garden, which represents a place Alice can beaway from Victorian control and rules, shows that Alice is not quite ready to break awayfrom conformity and stand up to the adults.A final scene in which Alices struggle is evident is in Chapter 7, when Alice isjust about to enter the garden. It is here that the reader sees how much planning ...

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