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All Quiet on the Western FrontGallipoli

The Only Difference Is The Uniform All Quiet On The Western Front and Gallipoli are two stories independent of each other that chronicle the experiences of two separate young men in the same war. Paul Baumer, a nineteen-year old German soldier, narrates the story of All Quiet On The Western Front. This tragic story begins with Baumer in training camp and concludes with his untimely death. Archy, an eighteen-year old Australian athlete, is the main character in Gallipoli. Gallipoli, a peninsula in Turkey, becomes the background for another account of a young life wasted. Although these two young men are from opposing forces of the war and lived on opposite sides of the equator, they are alike in every way else. Paul Baumer and Archy are two idealistic young men in search of the appropriate choice to make as citizens of their respective countries. Paul Baumer has been on the receiving end of numerous years of preaching on patriotism, allegiance and nationalistic ideals. Similarly, Archy feels an almost instinctual obligation to fight for his country. Both of these characters do possess a solid understanding of what loyalty to ones country means. Unfortunately, neither of the two is aware of exactly why their countries are at war. If they did realize the true motivation of their countries in the war, they might also realize that these goals do not correspond with their own.Adding to the similarities of the two characters, the role of loved ones plays a major part in each story. Both Paul and Archy have someone back home who cares for him deeply, but reluctantly allows him to participate in the war. Paul Baumers mother is greatly saddened with the idea of her son at war. She loves Paul very deeply and fears for the worst to happen. Archys Uncle Jack has trained Archy to be a great athlete and had great hope in the potential of this young runner. Although, Uncle Jack cant help but watch as Archy makes a choice which ultimat...

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