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American Dream

What is the American Dream? Is it fame? Is it fortune? President Franklin Roosevelt explained the American Dream as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. (AAC) I think that theAmerican Dream is different for everyone. It is simply the urge for a better life.The American Dream is still valid but is totally different from what it used to be. For the early immigrants the American Dream was a better life not withmaterial goods, but by freedom. Freedom to worship whoever they want.Freedom to say whatever they want without fear of being arrested or shot. (AAC)This Dream stayed with America untill the 1900s. Thats when things started tochange. Norman Rockwell was a famous artist during 1910s through the 1930s.Rockwell drew pictures of the American dream during his time. His art of theAmerican dream consisted of families having a great time, or of a happilymarried couple. (Rockwell) The American Dream was happiness with a family ora loved one. The ending of war caused the American Dream to completely changed. Ithink its because we no longer had to worry about freedom, we filled the gap offreedom with wealth.The American Dream is now to marry a beautiful wife, starta family, and become rich. Its turned into greed. Everyones dream is to becomejust like Bill Gates. People no longer do their work because they enjoy it. Theydo their work because of the money. A perfect example of this is pro baseball.When Major League Baseball first started the players did it because they lovedthe game and loved playing in front of the huge audiences. They got paid lowwages but still plated the game because they loved it. Major League playersthese days complain because theyre not getting paid enough when they aremaking millions of dollars a year. Kids set their goal to become a pro baseballplayer so that they can earn millions of dollars too.Arthur Miller does a great job illustrating the new, corrupted AmericanDream i...

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