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What Kind of an American Am I? What kind of an American am I? To summarize it up into one word, I'm a proud American. To explain the characteristics that the word proud means to me, I took each letter in the word and made a new word. The new words represent the kind of American I am. P - patriotic; Patriotism is a quality that shows one's love for his or her country.By being patriotic, a person is being loyal to their country. It shows that they support and care for the things others have fought to give them. I display my patriotism by something as little as saluting the flag to say the Pledge of Allegiance daily.R - respectful; An American citizen that is respectful shows a high regard for the things that his or her country offers them. In America, we have the opportunity to be free and express our individuality. Personally, I believe that we must respect the things that are offered to us by not mistreating them. Appreciate the land we were given by helping keep it clean and helping others. By being respectful, I am given even more to be proud of.O - obedient; An obedient person is one who follows the rules that are given to him. Every law in America is designed to protect. Therefore, one should feel obligated to want to protect the land that they live in. By being obedient, I am able to avoid dangerous situations that could cause harm to myself or others. For example, by following the speed limit, I am reducing the possibility of being in a traffic accident.U - unselfish; An unselfish person shows concern for others. They care about the well-being of things that do not belong to them. Unselfishness can be displayed by voting for a raise in taxes. This may mean that it will cost a person more money. However, the money will help better the community they live in. An example of the way I am unselfish is by donating items and money to needy families, especially during the holidays. This also helps in the betterment of ...

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