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Have you ever wondered who made the basic laws of the world? Sophocles wrote In this book Creon takes the power and judgement into his own hands. Creon shouldnt create a law that goes against the laws of the Gods. Is it our duty to follow our governments law or the law of the mighty Gods?No man should defy the law of the Gods, if he does, the Gods will be angry and the will pour out their fury on you. Antigone is speaking of her brother and how he died attacking Thebes ; the other brother saved the city, but Antigone said Even so, the God of death demands these Rites. A man should have the rites to a proper burial no matter how good or bad he was. The Gods ask to give the dead honor. Antigone also said, If I die I will have to answer to the Gods. We have to live with the dead foe ever and Antigone would rather be killed on earth shamed than dishonored in hates for eternity.Is Antigones moral belief not stronger than anothers whim to show control over his New Kingdom? Antigone said, He has no right to keep me from my own when she was talking to Ismene about how Creon forbid anyone to bury her brother. Antigone is outraged that any man would go against the will of the Gods above. Antigone also said to ismene, no one shall I failed him! I will bury my brother, amd yours to, if you will not.She knew at this time that her morals were stronger than how she felt towards the governments law.The laws of heaven are for all time. Haemon spoke to Creon and said father it is the gods who give us wisdom. Everything that Creon had told his son had been turns around to show his power. Antigone said I have to please the dead for far longer than I need to please the living, with them I have to dwell for ever. Antigone is saying how she doesnt need to be loyal to her government because she is going to live with the dead forever and the living will be judged for what they have done.Creon shouldnt have created a law that would go against t...

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