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Arms and the man

In the play Arms and the Man, by Bernard Shaw, Major Sergius Saranoff is definitely one of the most round characters. Sergius possesses many distinct characteristics, which single him out from the other characters in the play. Many of these qualities have been accumulated through his military experience; it is apparent to anyone of this military background from his army uniform and his rugged face. Major Saranoff is an extremely important character in the play due to his engagement to Raina, the sole child of the richest family in Bulgaria, the Petkoffs and because of his highly regarded military status. Sergius is proven to be a round character as he shows three main qualities throughout the play, bravery, spontaneity and deceitfulness. The military has always been a tool where one may demonstrate bravery and this was the way that Sergius proved how brave he was. The Bulgarian army that he was leading was composed mostly of heavy cavalry, which were charging a battery of machine guns. This action, in itself, is one of true bravery, or sheer stupidity. Luckily, the wrong ammunition was sent to the Swiss army and Sergius and his cavalry came on top. Two conclusions can be drawn from this insane action, either Sergius knew that the ammunition was faulty or that Sergius decided that they were going to be slaughtered anyway and that they should risk charging. Either way, Major Saranoff showed an extremely courageous and brave gesture. As shown in the beginning of the first act, all of the characters in the play recognized Sergius as a war hero except Bluntschli. led a charge on his own responsibility headed it himself was the first man to sweep through their guns (p.307). Bluntschli saw him as a lucky moron, who didnt have the brains to see that they were going to die and was lucky enough to charge at that specific time. He and his regiment simply committed suicide; only the pistol missed fire, thats all (p.314).Being spontaneous is not...

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