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Attacked by a friend

Long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Really only four years ago on a Friday night in a small redneck town just west of Atlanta. We had just moved to a new home in the same city. My younger brother had a friend, whose name is Jason, spend the night at our new home. As the Friday evening wore on, I mostly stayed in my room on the internet. I did the best as I could to be as anti-social as I could. However, at last, all of the people I was talking to on CompuServe signed off and I was left all alone. Therefore, as hard as it was for me to go to my brothers room and play with him and his friend, I did it. I had a blast. The night was actually turning out to be not so horrible. As the night wore on we continued to play, and then it happened. I swung at his face in a joking manner and with out realizing it, Jason had pulled out a knife and it had cut me. Instead of pain, I felt a surge of pressure being released and I knew what had happened was not good. As I felt the knife cut into my arm, I could see blood shoot across the room. Immediately I grabbed the cut on my arm and ran to the bathroom sink! Turning my head to yell at my brother I screamed, Nathan, get the first aid kit! The bleeding was not slow; it kept gushing out, with no control at all! Then Nathan returned. Here you go! He said as he handed the box to me.Turning my head to him I said, Thats not going to work you idiot! As I lifted my Henderson 2thumb from top of the wound more blood shot out and was stopped only by the wall. Now what do I do? Oh no! I am going to have to tell mom and dad! I am in so much trouble right now. So I told my parents and was taken to the emergency room in Douglasville, GA. When I first arrived to the ER we where told by the attendant to hold on, so I took my thumb off the cut for a second and when the woman saw that she let me in immediately. While I was lying down on the table for what seemed forever my mother came in and told me about a fr...

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