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Beloved baby suggs

Baby Suggs, a prominent figure in the community with an intolerable present and past, learned early on what it was like to be left alone to deal with difficulties. When the community that had served as her strength withdrew its support, because they were angry and had taken offense to the "uncalled-for-pride" Baby flaunted when her grandchildren and daughter-in-law were finally together, she no longer felt the support (137). As if the weakness Baby was suffering from their disapproval was not enough, the family was hit with another blow, when Sethe was imprisoned. As Sethe is being taken away by the sheriff, the community who was already looking unfavorably upon the family's pride, asked the questions: "Was her head a bit too high? Her back a little too straight?" (152). These questions foreshadowed how, as long as 124 continued to be prideful, the community would keep their support withdrawn from the family that lived within. As a result, Baby Suggs, Sethe and the rest of the family was left to deal with their trials alone.Hence, Baby who at one time found her strength in the community, lost that sense of belonging, her strength then died leading to her giving up the fight. Her past was like her present - intolerable, and since she knew death was anything but forgetfulness, she used the little energy left her for pondering colors.(4) Without the community, Baby Suggs stopped looking towards a future and relinquished her fight to ponder color, an occupation that took no energy on her part and that she could accomplish without anyone's help....

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