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In the epic poem Beowulf, Beowulf the main character tries to mature into a wise and advisable leader. To do this , he must prove him-self worthy to hrothgar and his followers. His primary task is to come to the aid of those in fear or Grendel. He will attempt to slay the beast and rid them of their misery.He fights valiantly against Grendel, using his might and raw power. Soon after defeating Grendel, Beowulf has another challenge in facing Grendels Mother. Beowulf shows mature leadership by approaching Grendels Mother and facing her alone without any weapons. The battle takes place in an under water lair. He fights helplessly because he is unable to impair her in any form. Consequently, Beowulf discovers a super-human sword, which he uses to deterioratethe monster. His maturity has developed from when he fought Grendel because he has learned to out smart his foes rather than use his brut strength all the time.His mature approach to leadership is later revealed while battling with the colossal dragon, which breathed hot fire. Beowulf, once again has come to the defense of his people. Beowulf realizes he is old and not the same brave warrior he used to be. During the battle he is being defeated but continues to fight while his soldiers scatter. However, a brave soldier similar to Beowulf accompanies him during the battle. The Brave warrior is Wiglaf, and witnesses the death of Beowulf. Wiglaf seems to be in control now and is soon found supervising the building of Beowulfs monument. Maturity is represented in passing of the torch from Beowulf to Wiglaf. The story seems to be a time line on how Beowulf is growing up and becoming wiser during his battles. His bravery is shown before every battle. He faces what is inevitable and continues to fight knowing that he might not be the victor. This represents his knowing death will come one day. Beowulf has left the kingdom in the hands of Wiglaf and hopes he will be as successful as him-self....

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