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A hero is someone that helps others no matter what the situation. There are many qualities that a hero must posses such as bravery, courage, strength, intelligence and honor. These qualities alone are not enough to make a hero. They must also be pure at heart, fight for the good of mankind and only fight when it is to protect the people and not out of revenge. Beowulf is everything a hero should be, but contains a few qualities that a hero should not posses.When Beowulf sailed with his men to Herot he had one goal, to rid the hall of Grendal. Beowulf was under no obligation to destroy Grendal and never asked for anything in return for his services. A true hero would never ask for money or anything of value. He put his life at risk to save the people of Herot, who he didnt even know, out of his own good nature Great strength has been a trait that has been identified with heroes in many stories and legends. Than he saw hanging on the wall, a heavySword, hammered by giants, strongAnd blessed with their magic, the best of allweaponsBut so massive that no ordinary man could lift... (II. 1557-1560)Beowulf possessed great strength that separated him from other men. Being able to use a sword that no ordinary man was able to carry gives the feeling that Beowulf is something more than a human being. It makes him special and causes him to stand out from all other men. Fame is something that makes a hero more noted. Beowulfs popularity had spread all over the world. He never let this go to his head and he never thought that he was better than everyone else because of it. Your fame is everywhere, my friend,/Reaches to the ends of the earth, and you hold it in your heart wisely... (II.1704-1706). A hero should not be foolish or full of himself. Unferth said:Youre Beowulf, are you- the sameBoastful fool who fought a swimmingMatch with Brecca, both of you daringand young and proud,exploring the deepestSeas, risking your lives f...

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