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Both Shild Shaving and Beowulf were highly honored during their lives. Both were brave warriors, victorious in many Battles. Shild conquered many people, and many lands. For example, How Shild made slaves of soldiers from every Land, crowds of captives hed beaten into terror He also became the king of the Danes. He was highly honored, and became very rich in his lifetime. Just as Beowulf had become one of the most famous men during life due to his defeat of Grendel, and Grendels mother. He later also became king of Geatland. He ruled for fifty years, but his time came during a battle against and irate dragon. Beowulf was still very strong in his elderly years. As was Shild Shaving: When his time was come the old king died, still strong but called to the lords hands. Both of there deaths were honored by very large funerals. Shild Shaving was set out to sea on a fighting ship which was brimming with treasures. Beowulf body was burned along with massive amounts of treasure. His funeral pyre was kept kindled for 10 days. Both Shild Shaving and Beowulf were incredibly loved, and respected by their people. Both were very mighty warriors, and capable of tremendous feats. They conquered land and peoples, and they both died very proud deaths.The story Beowulf is focused around the main character, Beowulf. He is a man of awesome, superhuman powers. He is able to battle huge beasts without the aid of weapons. In the story, he sails to Denmark to a meadhall which was named Herot. The story is interesting in that many things are named, especially swords, and armor which are especially honored if they had helped their previous owners in battle. Beowulfs sword was named Hrunting. Herot had been plagued for twelve years by a monster named Grendel. In one night, Beowuld conquers Grendel, and the 12 years of Suffering is over with. Unbeknownst to Beowulf, Grendel has a mother who then seeks revenge for Grendels death. Beowulf then fights an amazing ...

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