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Capital Punishment Is An Effective Penalty

Capital Punishment is an effective penalty. It protects society and keeps order in it as well. Capital Punishment does not stop people from killing one another. However, it does stop a known killer from killing more innocent people. It is a just and effective punishment for those who commit crimes bad enough to deserve death.Some people oppose the death penalty because of the many people on death row today. Statistics show that states with capital punishment have a higher crime rate then those that do not. But those states that have capital punishment are more urbanized areas and have high crime rates because of the enormous population. And in rural states there is no need for the death penalty because everyone is scattered around and the population is not as large.Abolitionists explain that capital punishment is a racist penalty. They say it is only given to the minorities. This is greatly untrue because the sad fact is that the majority of the people on death row are blacks and whites. There are approximately 3,000 for both ethnic groups and the closest group after that is the Hispanics with about 200.( E. B. Williams Law Library) It is wrong to be racist, bit if someone is caught, no matter their race they should be sentenced to death.With a good lawyer anyone who has committed a horrible crime deserving of death can get away with it. The Unabomber killed many people and he is still living after they have proof that he was one of the killers. Other murderers have killed only once and are put to death immediately, without question. It is wrong to have these killers laugh in the face of society just because they have a good lawyer that can manipulate the system. Because of this, justice never gets served. If there is overwhelming evidence that someone had killed another, and they actually planned the killing before hand, there should be no lawyer, no major trial, nothing whatsoever. They should be put to death. If they are strong en...

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