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Character and Theme Analysis of Great Expectations

Great Expectations depicts a young mans search for identity. It is a story revolving around the life of this one man, Phillip Pirrip, known throughout the story as Pip to the reader. It shows the important events in Pips life from the time he was seven years old until his mid-thirties that shaped who he would become. Along the way, he meets a variety of friends and acquaintances who influence him in forming his decisions and goals, making him almost constantly unsure of what he truly wants. The main theme makes a strong point: it doesnt matter what happens to a person in their life, he or she cannot change who they truly are, inside the facades and fancy clothing, behind the reputation and wealth. Unfortunately, Pip doesnt realize this at first: hes always tried to change himself ever since that first cold meeting with Miss Havisham, and especially Estella, and to fit a mold that he thought was what they wanted. At first, it was as simple as desiring to read and write, become literate, gain an education, but as time passed and his world changed, Pip tugged farther and farther away from where he came from and who he was, trying to leave behind his roots and identity. It is obvious to the reader throughout most of the story that this need and yearning for self-improvement brings him no joy, and in fact, virtually nothing but misery and confusion.Some secondary themes are clarity, realization, and self-discovery. The point of this story is not that Pip and Estella fall in love and live happily ever after; Dickens never wrote anything more of what was to happen between them in the end other than that theyve finally resolved some of their confused past. It is assumed that they just remained friends, because of all we know about Estellas cold heart and inability to give up her love and commit herself to a man. The purpose of this is that the novel speaks of Pips quest and yearning for Estellas love and the great lengths hes willing to go to...

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