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Cider House Rules ISU

Contemporary society advocates that without love, happiness is impossible. WebestersDictionary defines happiness as, a state of well being or contentment. Three types oflove which are necessary for contentment are; familial love, romantic love and friendship.In John Irvings, The Cider House Rules, Melonys bitterness prevents her fromdeveloping these forms of love vital for true happiness. Her hostility towards othersprevents her from developing familial love. Intense animosity and contempt ruin Melonysromantic relationships. Her bitterness leads to social isolation and the development of truefriendships become impossible.An individuals relationship with his/her family influences his/her development intoa functioning member of society. The fulfillment of the need for love and belonging beginswith a close family relationship. Melonys malice and resentment towards others inhibitsher from experiencing this familial love. Throughout her life, Melony lives in manydifferent foster homes, yet a strong family bond is never formed. Her first experience in afamily environment is at the St.Clouds Orphanage. Several members of the orphanagesstaff fail to establish a family bond with Melony. Mrs.Grogan is the head of the girlsdivision of St.Clouds as well as Melonys primary care giver. Mrs.Grogan, was especiallyfond of Melony but felt she failed at making Melony like her, (John Irving, P.89).Mrs.Grogan continually expresses love and affection towards her, but is unable to initiate aloving response. Melonys constant attitude and bitterness towards others and prevent herfrom developing a sense of familial love and consequently reaching true happiness. Thismannerism impedes on Melonys development of future relationships in similarenvironments as well. As an orphan, she is adopted several times by different fosterparents, but fails at being assimilated into the new families. Like Mrs.Grogan many of thefoster parents extend affectionate and loving ge...

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