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Clamence is not alone

The Fall, a 1957 novel written by Nobel Prize winner Albert Camus, is a story The main character, Jean-Baptiste Clamence, portrays himself to bethe epitome of good citizenship and acceptable behavior and now he has come to face thereality that his existence has been deeply seated in hypocrisy. Clamence also openly enjoysthe wealth of cheap dreams that the prostitutes and bars his Amsterdam home has to offer.In a bar called Mexico City, Clamence begins to recall his life as a respected lawyer,supposedly immune to judgment. There are different theories on whether Clamence recallshis life to himself or to another person, but it is in fact a random acquaintance from the barthat Clamence shares stories of his lifes triumphs and failures.While Clamence is in the bar, he asks another person who is trying to order a drinkif he "may offer his services without running the risk of intruding" because unless the manauthorizes him to perform his services, the bartender will not guess that he wants gin. Theservice Clamence is referring to is his ability to speak Dutch, the only language thebartender speaks and understands. What suggests that Clamence is speaking to anotherperson in the bar is the fact that if someone wants to do something, they do not need to begiven permission by himself. If a person feels they are not allowed to do something, it isbecause one of two reasons. One, the person might feel the action is inappropriate and thatwould directly deal with that persons set of morals and discipline. Secondly, the personmight not be allowed to perform the task by the person it would deal with and that wouldhave to do with power of authority. Also, if Clamence was alone and tried to order the ginfor himself, there is no reason for him needing help from some other person to order thedrink if he is capable of communicating with the bartender.The second instance suggesting an acquaintance again happens in a bar whenClamence is invited to sit with ...

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