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Closed Boxes

There are many types of relationships, though all are complicated and both parties of the relationship must bend over backward for one another. In Boxes, Carver shows how difficult it is for the son to cope with bringing closure to his mothers relationship though he still loves her. The mother moves to be near her son; however, she starts packing to move again a while later; not finding the relationship she once had with her son. Through the short story Boxes, Raymond Carver makes evident the difficulties of bringing closure to a relationship.From the mothers point of view, Carver displays the closure of their relationship when he describes how the mother moved to where her son lived, only to have all her boxes packed a few months later, ready to move again. Within a day or two of deciding to move, shed packed her things into boxes. That was last January. Or maybe it was February. Anyway, last winter sometime. Now its the end of June. Boxes have been sitting around inside her house for months (411). So the mother has had her belongings packed from January to June, over 6 months. His mother has been living in boxes for over half a year. In real meaning, the mother wants to have that special mother son relationship; however, she feels like he is not giving her enough attention and spending enough time with her. So she decides to leave. But she still stays 6 months with her boxes packed, because she does not want to close the relationship with her son. The mother assumed by being with her son their relationship would help her enjoy the place where she was now. And she would feel and sense of belonging and be able to stop moving around to so many different places. But after she had stayed in the place for only a month, the mother discovered she hated the place, and criticised her son to why she had moved to such a disagreeable place. She was depending on her renewed mother-son friendship for her to enjoy the place and se...

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