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Code Hero1

Robert Jordan has been defined as a Hemingway code hero. In Hemingways books, a code hero is usually male, as Hemingways books seem to have a similarity to Hemingway himself. These code heroes may have been previously wounded or gone through some sort of an ordeal, and so they could have a drinking problem, or a problem sleeping. They seem to be disillusioned, and/or self-oriented, and are not usually loyal to a large cause, but rather a small group of people or a relatively small idea or thing. In For Whom the Bell Tolls, Robert Jordan, the code hero, most likely dies at the end. If it were not for his loyalty to a small group, the events in the novel would probably not have transpired as they did.Jordan is an American explosives expert. Being so much of an expert that he would be sent on such a mission indicates that he must have some experience in military demolitions, and he may have previously gone through a similar mission. A traumatic experience from a previous mission may very well be affecting his actions in the novel, such as how he has found himself in various situations of indecision. One such example could be the confrontation with Pablo at the beginning, and the continuing problems Pablo causes. Indecision could provide a reason for having a sleeping problem, as he does some things other than sleeping at night, one of the criteria for a code hero.Disillusionment can be seen as the main contributor to the code hero definition. Jordans disillusionment grows throughout the novel, to the point where he doesnt believe in the rebel cause whatsoever, war itself, or the killing of other human beings in the name of a cause. After Jordan kills the fascist who wanders near his sleeping bag, he is bothered by a constant feeling of guilt. It seems that Jordan experiences a change as the novel progresses, but his determination to complete the very dangerous mission never wavers, even though it becomes very clear that they will probabl...

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