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Critical Reviews of Brave New World

Critical Reviews of Brave New World Since the original publishing of Brave New World, the book has stirred up a brew of It has received many reviews both positive and negative. In this paper I will provideexamples of both and look at the reasons behind them.My first review is a negative one. In the review the reviewer states as his main reasons fordisliking the book are the obnoxious characters and plot holes. A few examples of this are thatBernard Marx is unhappy with his life and wants to expand his mind yet all he does is take randomvacations to the Savage Reservation. The author of the review compares this to saying, Imhaving a bout with depression. Im going to Iran, then jumping on a plane and going. It justdoesnt seem to make sense. The author believes that there are many other more exciting plotpossibilities if Bernard just stays home and actually does something. Also, the circumstancessurrounding Linda annoyed the author of this review also. He feels Linda is obnoxious and feelsthat the savages would have either gotten her out of the reservation or killed her. She wines. Shesleeps with other womens men. She hardly takes care of her son. The savages should have killedher a long time ago. ( agree with the points that this first review brings up. There are many things that go on inthe novel that just dont make sense. And if that is that plainly obvious to amateurs reading thebook shouldnt it have been obvious to an editor or a publisher or even the author himself?The second review I selected is a positive one. This author feels that Brave New World isan excellent cautionary tale. He feels that Huxley does an excellent job of foreseeing the futureconsidering a lot of the ideas discussed in Brave New World are around today in one form oranother. The caste system is set up by inequalities in todays health care and education systems. Also, Soma can be compared to Prozac. He feels that the society in...

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