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Cry The Beloved Country1

The quote But there is only one thing that has power completely, and that is love. Because when a man loves he seeks no power, therefore he has power, as stated in the book in the book Cry the Beloved Country is not a true statement. No man has absolute power over any one thing. Although people seek power in many different places, there is only one true power, and that is God. There are many different levels of power in the world, but no level has complete power over anything else. Love is a power that God has given to man, but it cannot be controlled. Man doesnt have power over love. He can search for it in many different places, but the power he is searching for remains in God.A human has no control over their likes and dislikes. People cannot make something better or worse than it is. Love is the same. One cannot help it if they love something. People or things can touch a persons life, and they naturally grow to or learn to love it. There are different definitions of love, but the true definition lies with God.People can spend their entire lives searching for more power. The thing that they must realize is that no amount of power will mean anything to God when it comes time for judgment. People base their lives too much on what material things they have, rather than what they have spiritually. They search for happiness in things like money and fame, but they are never fulfilled. It is impossible to find happiness in things like money and fame. No one can obtain happiness in a place where happiness cannot be found. When people start living their lives for the Lord, they will be the ones who hold the power in heaven.God has power over all things, because he created them all. People have the option of turning the power in the direction that best suits them, but God controls what will happen when one does turn the power. No man can control sickness, death, or natural disasters. The only thing that matters in mans ...

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