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Dickens Biography

In the Charles Dickens novel, A Tale of Two Cities, symbolism in used to portray the themes though out the book. Through his characters and their actions as well as their surrounding he shows the theme of this book which is set around the French Revolution. Revenge and resurrection bothare major themes that are projected by the symbolism as thenovel unfolds with the events in France and the novels maincharacters reaction towards it.Charles Dickens was an English born author known forwriting novels such as A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist,and Hard Times. Charles Dickens was born in England onFebruary 7, 1812 near Portsmouth, England. His family movedto London in 1814 and then later moved to a town nearRochester. Eventually the Dickens family moved back toLondon and Dickens was taken out of school to do jobs aroundthe house and then sent to work in a blacking house. Hisfather was soon imprisoned for debt shortly thereafter buthe was released latter by a small inheritance. From thistime he gained a the feeling of being deserted by hisparents which shows latter on in his writing. When he wasthirteen, Dickens went back to school for two years andlater learned shorthand so he could work as a freelancecourt reporter. He started journalism at the age of twentyand began to publish short stories under the assumed name ofBoz. When Dickens was twenty-four he married CatherineHogarth and had ten children with her....

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