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Dr Faustes for todays audience

The story of Doctor Faustus is a familiar myth, in which the main character sells his soul , makes a deal with the devil, for something he speciously holds more valuable. There are many versions of this story in our culture, and it would take quite a time to make note of them all. Most people will have seen or heard one of the various stories in the for of a book, play, movie, or television show. The original story of Doctor Faustus, as created by Christopher Marlow, was prevalent to society at the time because it spoke to people’s growing dizzy awareness of their possibilities and capabilities at this time. By that explanation it seems that the classic Marlow play, Doctor Faustus, would also be a hit because in the countries of the world there are many a growing multicultural society, for whom there are continually growing possibilities and capabilities. This is also a similar state of affairs for how one might perceive the women’s movement, as women are gaining more equality inside and outside o f the workplace. Also, for society as a whole, one is being exposed to the ever growing world of computers and the world wide web. The largest and most significant change I would make in an attempt to adapt Doctor Faustus so that it would be more engineered towards to today’s audience is that I would make Doctor Faustus a Dr. Faustesse. I would make an attempt to portray the main character Faustus, as a women, Faustesse, in an attempt to update the concerns for which the play represents. By having a female character fall to the devil to gain power over society it symbolizes and signifies the constant struggle of women, even in today’s society, to get past the very patriarchal dominated social structures and institutions and inequalities. That Dr. Faustesse is an educated women also represents the good of the changing such that it is a normal state of affairs for a female to have gone through an immen...

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