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Education of Frederick Henry

In striving to become a hero, Frederick Henry must first become an aficion, who must learn some difficult and often terrible lessons. Frederick must realize it is time to accept the truth that war is foolish and the most dangerous thing in the world and that he must leave his good, little, boys urges behind and prove he is ready to mature as a man. By discovering who he is, he can develop his own code of ethics. Frederick must learn and choose what is right and what is wrong, and also what the world might not approve and start considering his own beliefs. He must free himself of the traditional view of love that the warm and fuzziness that he may feel will only end in suffering. By freeing himself, he will destroy those fake notions and understand the malevolent trap he placed upon himself. The trap, that which he must come to realize, can snap close at any moment and seize all his hope, so he must learn not to be fooled into believing he has escaped. . Frederick Henry must learn that the war he sees as meaningful actually lacks glory and show no sign of honor. It is the killer of children because the people who are doing the fighting are too young and have no realization of the true consequences of their actions. Fred must understand that the war is a trap for everyone involved, including their families who would be killed if anyone escaped. By escaping the war, he can leave behind some of the malevolence of the world. He must realize no one can fully escape the malevolence since we are born and will forever live in its clutches. When one is born they are subsequently given a death sentence to die some point in their life. This malevolence is unforgiving and will destroy everyone and everything, making the world a wasteland. Frederick needs to learn how to make his separate peace from the war and all of the malevolence. He must realize its time to mature and have complete self-reliance in order to reject society.It is important for ...

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