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Emily Dickenson

Emily Dickinson is writing this poem in the perspective that she is dead and attending her own funeral. She can see herself in the coffin like she was standing in the back corner of the room, as insignificant as any other mourner. Stanza 1 is pretty straightforward. She's describing her funeral; the room is so quiet that the only noise is that of a fly buzzing around the room. No one is moving in the room except the fly. She describes the stillness of the room to be " Between the Heaves of Storm", which is in reference to the eye of a hurricane, eerily still and quiet.In stanza 2 Emily describes the appearance of the mourners in the room. The mourners have stopped crying and they are catching their breath from sobbing. The "king" who came to pay his respects was there to witness all, by the king she means God or Jesus.In stanza 3 she tells how all of her affairs are in order and all of her meager possessions are with their new owners. Then she sees it, the fly, buzzing in the room. It stops as if paying its respects also. ...

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