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Excalibur Essay

Arthurs Journey to Self Discovery It is only with experience that one can come to an understanding of any sort. It is only with time that experience can become achievable. Understanding ones true self can only be made possible with a multitude of experiences, leading to realizations. The entire package of experiences for one individual person can take no less that a lifetime. This reality, in itself, is a tragedy. A tragedy that Arthur, King of Camelot, was destined to realize.Born into a life of deception, even the truth about his maternal origin is kept from him. Innocent and nave, Arthur as a young man succeeds in doing what no other could do before. He pulls from a stone the sword named Excalibur. Long before his birth, his father declared that whoever could remove the sword was to be king.Unsure and not at all confident in his abilities, Arthurs strength and will as king is tested almost immediately. With the help of his sword, Excalibur, he wins a fight against Uriens men and saves the castle of another king. Arthur earns his first taste of victory. Accompanying this victory, is the respect of the people within his kingdom.While attempting to cross a bridge, Arthur meets a man who refuses to respect his authority and clear the way across the bridge. Arthurs rage unbalances him. He agrees to fight to the death over the crossing of a bridge that can easily be traveled around. Arthurs opponent outmatches him. Arthur is forced to call upon the power of his sword, Excalibur. Arthur is victorious, but in the process, Excalibur is broken. [His] pride broke that which could not be broken. Arthur is remorseful and refers to himself as nothing. It is with this first display of condescension that Arthur realizes that especially because of his stature, his personal mistakes and poor decisions could affect many lives other than his own.Adding an element of contrast to Arthurs life is Arthurs friend and mentor, Merlin. As...

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