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Extreme times call for extreme measures

Often, when a problem arises, people offer solutions to deal with the problem. Some may be realistic while others may be a bit too imaginative. In A Modest Proposal and Hunter's Harvest the author's solutions may sound quite preposterous, nevertheless are highly logical. The both offer an objective view to what they believed was a problem, but in a satiric way.In A Modest Proposal, the author suggests that in Ireland, the children of low-income families be sold as meat for upper class citizens. As sickening as it may sound, the facts he uses to back his proposal are indisputable and make a strong case for his side. It is known now that his proposal is merely a satire, but his argument is so strong that it makes one wonder if he was speaking truthfully. In either case, on paper, his proposal makes sense, but of coarse in reality, such a thing would never happen.In Hunter's Harvest, the author makes a similar proposal to "thin the heard." He proposed that instead of hunting wild turkey and deer, game hunters should hunt each other in order cut down on the human population. In this essay, just as in A Modest Proposal, the author suggests something unthinkable to civilized people, but his facts present a strong argument. Though the message conveyed in this essay might appear sadistic, if one should read between the lines, then they will find that the real horror does not lie in his proposal, but in the real world.Both of these essays present outrageous solutions to serious problems. They may seem to be a bit extreme on paper, but they really do send a message loud and clear. We as a people must come together and realize the problems that occur in our daily lives and deal with them instead of ignoring them. We must not stand idly by while our own people die in the streets. Hopefully, these essays opened the eyes of the people who read them and those said people take some action. ...

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