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Graham Greene8217s Deceptive Life Seen in

Graham Greene’s Deceptive Life Seen in: The Power and the Glory incorporates deception and shows the confusing influences Graham Greene has on his readers. Influences in The Power and the GloryA. Young life of Graham Greene1. Family, Parentsa. Charles Greeneb. Marion Raymond2. Drunkenness and college lifea. Balloil Collegeb. Experimentation with alcohol3. Getting married to Vivien4. Conversion to the Roman Catholic Church5. Adultery to 47 prostitutesB. Setting in the novel1. Mexico 2. Influence in the novel during the times and at the location Greene visited3. The Priest as a role modelC. Struggles to find happiness1. Incorporation of Death into the novel2. A Spy for the Russiansa. Undercover spy against the USAb. Comparison to Robert Hanssen3. Problems within the Churcha. No respect towards a cardinalb. No respect towards Pope John Paul IIProblems within the NovelGraham Greene’s Deceptive Life Seen in: The Power and the Glory “What he had experienced was a vacancy– a complete certainty in the existence of a dying, cooling world, of human beings who had evolved from animals for no purpose at all. He knew.” (Greene- Power 24-25) Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory, confuses readers tends to mislead them about the ideas he is trying to get across. Greene was a man, who some say, incorporated deception in his life. The influence and Greene’s inner-struggle to measure evil is evident throughout as he makes villains sympathetic, innocent characters guilty, and heroes weak. Graham Greene was born in Berkamstead, Hertfordshire, in the year 1904. His father and mother were Charles and Marion Raymond Greene. Graham went to Berkamstead school as a child, where his father was headmaster. Later, he went to Balliol College in Oxford, where he started to experiment around with alcohol. Greene said in his autobiography that he was drunk for one whole term from breakfast to bed. Early in The Pow...

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