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Grapes of Wrath5

There's an old saying, "Blood is thicker than water." Well, nothing proves truer than the families in The Grapes of Wrath. When faced with hardships, people leaned on their kin for support and love, and in the worst of times would even turn their backs on those they had known for years to protect and provide for their families:...Can't think of that. Got to think of my own kids. Three dollars a day, and it comes every day. Times are changing, mister, don't you know? Can't make a living on the land unless you've got two, five, ten thousand acres and a tractor. Crop land isn't for little guys like us any more. You don't kick up a fowl because you can't make Fords, or because you're not the telephone company. Nothing to do about it. You try to get three dollars a day someplace. That's the only way. (50)The Joad family is no exception. Their trials, tribulations, and broken dreams while suffering through the harsh realities of a fallen America only bring them closer together and remind the reader of true family values.When the reader is first introduced to the Joads, as a full family, one can sense the love immediately. "[Ma] moved towards [Tom] lithely, soundlessly...And her joy was almost like sorrow (101)." Even though she hasn't seen him for quite some time, and that may be the initial reason for her wonderment, she truely loves Tom and Steinbeck does an excellent job of portraying the emotions involved. Even when Granma and Granpa come into the house, the same emotions are evident, although the actions are quite opposite. Granma repeatedly "pu-raise[s] Gawd," while Granpa "walk[s] up and slap[s] Tom, [with] his eyes grinn[ing] with affection and pride." The reader knows the Joads can hold love for a person no matter how long he's been gone, or where he's been (and in this case, prison). Former Reverend Jim Casy is even accepted as one of their own when he arrives with Tom at Uncle John's house. Ma makes sure ther...

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