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Growing Up

Short story authors use symbolism to describe particular scenes without actually saying the words, which adds to the interest of the story. In Frank O'Connor's story "First Confession" and John Steinbeck's story "The Chrysanthemums", both authors use symbolism to enhance the readers insight of the story. Also, the symbolism offered by the authors provides the reader with a deeper look into the story, making the reader find more interest throughout. In "The Chrysanthemums", Steinbeck uses a betrayal issue as the basis of the story, where O'Connor's "First Confession" uses a religious basis. Even though there is a wide spread in the subjects, a link is created. Wisdom, spirituality, and frustration are all symbols shared by these unrelated topics."The Chrysanthemums" main character is Elisa Allen. Elisa is married and loves to work in her garden. While working in the garden, a stranger pulls his wagon into Elisa's yard. The stranger manages to con Elisa by speaking of her flowers, which is Elisa's ultimate soft spot. Elisa gives the man some of her prize Chrysanthemums to give to another woman that he knew. While going to dinner with her husband, she notices her beautiful flowers have been carelessly discarded onto the road. This is one of Steinbeck's main symbols. The discarded flowers symbolize Elisa's beauty and femininity. Because Elisa has no children, she believes that her flowers are her children. She takes care of them better than anything she has in her possession does. When the smooth talking stranger disposes of her flowers, he has taken her children away from her. Elisa is also portrayed as venerable. The stranger takes advantage of this venerability by acting like he liked the flowers and was going to deliver them to a lady. The Chrysanthemums were Elisa's life and even her entire being on her isolated farm .Not only her trust was broken, but her faith in people and even herself was broken. She put her faith in the stran...

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