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Guiliani vs Clinton

senate elections are right around the corner. All across the nation politicians from all parties are starting to lobby to gain support for various Senate seats. Who can run to be a Senator is outlined in the U.S. Constitution, which was written more than 200 years ago. The candidate must be over the age of 25 and must be a resident of the state he wishes to run for the Senate in.A promising candidate is Mayor Guliani. He has lived in New York most, if not all, of his life. During his 2 terms he has lowered the number of street vendors in Manhattan, has implemented stricter laws on cab drivers and increased fines for breaking certain laws; he has also decreased the sale and use of illegal fireworks by more than 95%. These are just a few of his accomplishments that have contributed to a safer and happier NYC.A "candidate" that is not as appropriate for the job of NY Senator is the First Lady, Hilary Clinton. She has lived in NY for only the past few days and has only one child that goes to college in California. During her husband's political career, she has been a strong supporter of her husband politically and personally, at least in the publics eye.Over the past year rumors have spread of Hilary beginning an active political career, with her husband's winding to an end. During the past year the rumors have been more or less confirmed with Hilary buying a house in NY and her sudden "love" for the Yankees. Guliani's response has been to visit Hilary's former home, Arkansas, and gaining the support of its governor, who happens to be of an opposing party. The only benefit of this tactic was to mock Hilary's sudden conversions.Hilary can and probably will run for the Senate. When the Senate election finally occurs it will be all of NY's responsibility to vote for whom they think will do the best job. The major questions which decide this are: who has done the most for NY empirically? And who has a real allegiance to our State...

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