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Hamlets madness

Many critics frequently dispute the madness of Hamlet. It is very difficult to label Hamlet as either sane or insane because of his statement to Horatio stating that he will act mad. Even though he tell Horatio that he is acting mad, there are many reasons that can lead him to mentally breakdown. "Hamlet was a prince, by birth a prince; and he wished to reign only that good men might be good without obstruction (Wolfgang 22)." The crown was not hereditary, but if his father had stayed longer, it would have secured Hamlets hopes of succession. The death of his father was a major blow to his nobility because hi mother can remarry and that person would become King. The thought of loosing the crown can make many people commit villainous act's, like in the story of Macbeth, but it can also lead a person to breakdown mentally. "He hoped, in the company of his surviving noble-minded parent, to reverence the heroic form of the departed, but his mother too he loses, and it is something worse than death that robs him of her (Wolfgang 23)." A short time after the death of his father, his mother marries his uncle. It is very traumatic for a child to discover that the person they have left to trust has been taken away from them.Much of Hamlets madness comes from the fact that his fathers spirit is unable to pass through the other side because his murderer is still lose. The murderer is his uncle and he is now married to his mother. Hamlet appears to act mad and speaks "wild and whirling words (1.5.127-140)" when he hears about his father's murder. The knowledge that he has obtained from the ghost summons his feelings of revenge. The ghost's appearance is the evidence to prove that Hamlet is mad because the ghost was visible to Hamlet and the others at the beginning, but Hamlet was the only one to see it in his mothers room. Hamlet lost two women in his life, his mother and Ophelia. Hamlet and Ophelia were in love but her father wante...

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