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Harrison Bergeron1

Government controlling society is one of the many themes of the Short story “Harrison To make everyone equal the government formed 211th, 212th, 213th,Amendments to the Constitution. H-G men, the watchful handicapper police, enforces theAmendments. These laws are enforced by giving people that have above averageintelligence mental handicaps. People with strength were handicapped by having toweights on. These handicaps were made to make everyone equal in front of the eyes ofGod and the government.. It’s unusual that the government tries to make everyone equalby suppressing peoples intelligence, strengths, and beauty; instead of making everyone’sstandards higher to improve towards being equal. the people in this society were taught toapologize for being a little bit different. They feel bad for not being the same as everyoneelse. The were brainwashed by the government to think that competition was bad and thatthey should be glad that they were not in the “darkages” anymore. The government didn’tlet anyone think how life would be like if everything was not equal for very long, theywould use the mental handicap for them to forget. Society let the government take thegoal ...

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