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Hemingways The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber

Ernest Hemingway is known for producing novels and short stories with In his short story, "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber," hedefinitely leaves his readers guessing. The question is whether Margot kills her husband,Francis, intenionally, or if she accidentally shoots him in an effort to save his life. Thereare many points that could be argued for both conclusions, but my observations have ledme to believe that Margot did indeed shoot her husband intentionally, however, withoutpre-meditation.In looking at the background of Francis and Margot, it is easy to see that thestrength of their relationship rests on their co-dependancy. They have two completelydifferent personalities, but that is what ultimately keeps their relationship at anequilibrium. Their marriage is summarized by the statement, "Margot was too beautifulfor Macomber to divorce her, and Macomber had too much money for Margot ever toleave him." Margot has complete control over their marriage, and Francis allows her tohave this control because he could not find another wife if Margot were to leave him. This is apparent when the narrator states, "If he had been better with women, she wouldprobably have started to worry about him getting another new, beautiful wife; but sheknew too much about him to worry about him either." The background information given about Francis and Margot makes a motive foran intentional killing clear. When Margot sees the euphoria, loss of cowardice andsudden independance that Francis gets from his pursuit of the buffalo, she realizes thatshe has lost control over her husband. The change in Francis can be seen when he says,"You know, I don't think I'd ever be afraid of anything again....Something happened inme after we saw the buff and started after him. Like a dam bursting. It was pureexcitement." If Francis is no longer afraid of anything, then it is possible that he couldwalk away from Margot. It is also possible that he could...

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