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Hemingways life within his works

Although Ernest Hemingway is considered by many to be the most brilliant writer in modern literature, he can easily be considered one of the most troubled also. His works such as, The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell to Arms, and The Old Man and the Sea, are American classics, each one representing different stages in his life. He is an undeniable collision of literary talent and iconic personality who took Americans around the world with his new style of fiction, and he took fiction to new levels of pop culture status (Retrospective). It is clear to anyone who reads Hemingways stories that the things he experienced from his childhood throughout the rest of his life, no matter if it was joy or pain, it was reflected within his work. Hemingways early life begins in such a fashion that one could only assume that the best possible way for him to express himself completely, without having to wonder whether or not he is fully understood, is through writing. His mother, Grace Hemingway, suffered from a medical condition called the Oedipus complex, which is a subconscious sexual desire for the parent of the opposite sex (cocoa pg.1). Because his mother suffered from this disease, she used to groom his sister and him to look like dolls. Hemingway still managed to be close with his mother and father, due mostly to the fact that his father would take him out hunting and things of that nature on the weekends. If one thing had to be pointed out as the reason for Hemingways confusion, it has to the fact that he was dressed up like a little girl. He went from hating his father and idolizing his mother because he had thought his mother was castrated by his father, and he thought that his mother was the head of the household. His emotions later shifted toward his father because after his father had committed suicide, he seemed to believe that his mother had castrated his father, and that she was a part of the reason he had killed himself (cocoa ...

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