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Home Burial

Robert Frosts Home Burial is a very well written poem about a husbands and a wifes loss. Their first born child has died recently. Amy and her husband deal with their loss in two very different ways, which cause problems. Amy seems like she confines their child to the grave. She never seems to le go of the fact she has lost her first child. Amys husband buried their child himself. This allowed him to let go and live a normal life. Amy does not understand how he could do what he did. Therefore, she wants to have nothing to do with him, especially talk to him. He doesnt understand why she cant let go, and why she wont talk to him. He tries to get her to tell him why, but she just wants to go to someone else. She will not talk to him or let him talk to her because he always speaks offensively. This lack of communication was there before the death, which I think will be the downfall of their marriage. Frosts use of imagery and tone allow the reader to see and feel what Amy and her husband are going through.Frost uses a lot of imagery in Home Burial to give the reader a look at what is going on. The first line, He saw her from the bottom of the stairs / Before she saw him, lets the reader know Amy is at the top of the stairs, and her husband is at the bottom. He uses imagery to show many things such as facial expressions, movement from one place to another, and to describe a scene. He shows expressions in line eight And her face changed from terrified to dull, line forty-three He sat and fixed his chin between his fists, and line one-hundred and thirteen Youre crying. By seeing these 2expressions, the reader can almost feel what is going on in Amys and her husbands head. Line eight lets us know that Amy does not want to talk to see her husband. Line forty-three lets me know her husband is having a hard time finding what to say. In line one-hundred and thirteen, it is obvious Amy is sad and upset. He shows movement in l...

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