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How to Do Well

NifongEnglish 1101Prior Experiences with English 1101My experience in my prior English class was educational. I didn’t really learn a whole lot in that class because I wasn’t in class enough. The contributing reason I failed that class was lack of attendance. The professor was good, covered everything she was supposed to, and presented the material in a logical and understandable manner. The professor of this class had an attendance policy that I failed to conform to and I insisted on missing too many days which resulted in a failure of English 1101. I was in what was called “cluster courses” last semester, which consisted of English, Sociology, and Communications. All these classes met in the same room for three straight hours with the teachers switching off every hour. The reason this was difficult was the fact that every class had material that was derived from one of the other classes, which made some of what our class covered confusing. If I could do that class over again, I would simply attend class everyday. Had I done this, I would have passed the class with a B. ...

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