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Hunter S Tompson and Gonzo Journalism

In the late sixties a young journalist and free-lance novelist named Hunter S. Thompson (HST) emerged with a new, crazed and exaggerated brand of reporting. It was sooner or later referred to as Gonzo. HSTs own definition of gonzo has varied over the years, but he still maintains that a good gonzo journalist needs the talent of a master journalist, the eye of an artist/photographer and the heavy balls of an actor and that gonzo is a style of reporting based on William Faulkners idea that the best fiction is far more true than any kind of journalism(Carroll, page 192). Gonzo journalism has also been referred to as outlaw journalism, new journalism, alternative journalism, literary cubism, and other words better not repeated here. With such high profile stages for his writings in Rolling Stone Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Esquire and Vanity Fair, HST has proven that his exaggerated gonzo journalism is as relevant (or even more so) than that of conventional journalists. In this essay, the concept and development of gonzo journalism and its relevance to media and reporting will be thoroughly explored.Dr Hunter S. Thompson is a man of great wit and charisma. He is 62 tall, and, due to the fact that one leg is longer than the other, he tends to bob back and forth. He is apparently always thirsty, and his favorite drinks are known to be Wild Turkey and Chivas Regal. Besides being a writer and failed politician, HST is also a collector of peacocks and guns. HST is also happily divorced with one son, Juan. Dr Thompsons journalism career began in the daily columns of small town newspapers, but because of differences in personality, opinion and style, he did not last long at any of them. HSTs first piece of writing to be labeled gonzo was The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved written for Scanlans magazine along with illustrations by the well known cartoonist Ralph Steadman (a sample of Mr. Steadmans work will be found o...

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