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Jane Erye1

Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre Published by Puffin Classics Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Erye is a breathtaking story of mystery, love and betryal. Jane Erye, told with admirable detail, describes how a girl named Jane Erye, encounters these follies and overcomes them during her life’s journeys. This romance novel, combined with sorrow and sympathy, touches the innermost souls of its audience and gives a sense of involvement.In England, in the 1800’s, Jane, then ten years old, lives under the custody of her rich Aunt Reed, who dislikes her intensely. Jane hates her Aunt and her cousins so much that she has severe temper outbursts, which eventually leads her to the Lowood charity boarding school. Life there improves and after eight years, Jane becomes a teacher, though she still longs of friendship and love. Now at the age of eighteen she seeks independence and becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall, owned by Mr.Rochester, to teach his ward Adela. Jane believes she has found what she’s been looking for all her life, until she learns of the shocking secret in the attic.Jane Erye is an exciting and suspenseful novel, for the pace varies so it suits the story. The pace works with the plot to create perfection, which is almost impossible to set down. The climax is thrilling and emotional. The conflicts………………….Jane Erye, being the main protagonist, lacked the love and friendship a ten-year-old needs to develop. Due to the hatred her Aunt felt for her, Jane found ways to avoid her and escape from reality. This escape was reading literature, which benefits her later. But without love and friendship, Jane lives in a melancholy state and is desperately lonely. As the plot continues, we as the audience become Jane and feel what she feel. Jane is well-rounded character, in which anyone could relate to. She is a young lady who has strong moral senses, who accepts her flaws but worrie...

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